Monkey Kart

Monkey Kart 1.0

Monkey Kart is a fun racing game with karts, jumps, and power-ups
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Monkey Kart is a fun racing game which is very easy to play. You are racing rightwards, trying to avoid obstacles and competing against other opponents to obtain the highest score possible. You can pick up power-ups to help you to win the race, e.g., the Shield protects your kart against any power-up shot by other opponents and the Turbo speeds up your kart. You can also shoot the banana peel, fireball, rocket freeze, and bee hive as obstacles for your opponents.

To play the game you use the Right key to go forward, the Left key to go backward, hit the Up key to jump, and hit the Space bar to use a power-up. You can select among eight different karts, but only two are unlocked by default; you have to complete a cup to unlock new karts. The score you make on a race depends on the time you spend to complete a level and the damage you receive from enemies. The program has music enabled by default, but you can turn off the sound and also adjust the graphics quality. The game doesn't require an Internet connection.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • The game doesn't require internet connection


  • You cannot pause the game or go to the main menu until the race has ended
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